Welcome to our online shoe store.

What happens when I click “buy now”?

If you have selected an item of a particular colour from a collection of accessories or shoes online, you will have the option to preview other colours if more are available. Otherwise you can keep the original colour you have chosen.

When you have chosen your desired colour you can click the “select size” button to see the available shoe sizes. All our online shoes are in Australian sizing and a chart is available to compare against the Brazilian, European and UK sizes.

Once you’re happy with the size of your shoes you can click the “select quantity” button. Choose how many pairs you want and click “add to cart”.

Your Cart

When you view “your cart” you have a number of options. You can view your shoes online at any time when browsing our website as it will automatically store the products added to your cart.

You can also 'edit' your online shoes or accessories, which will take you back to your purchased item where you can make changes to the colour, size or quantity.

If you remove an item, it will disappear from your cart.

Can I continue shopping when in my cart?

Yes, you can continue your shoes online shopping by clicking the “continue shopping” button at the bottom of the screen.

Promotional Codes, what does this mean?

From time to time we will run promotions that will include discounts off shoes and accessories or free shipping.

To redeem a promotional code, enter it in the text box and click “Validate code & update price”. The pricing will then be updated.

Finished Online Shopping?

Click the “billing and shipping details” button to enter your details

Shoe Sizing

The following are the approximate comparisons:


NOVO only accepts VISA and MasterCard as payment method; we do not accept Gift Vouchers, Money orders, Credit notes or Cash on delivery.

NOVO does not store any credit card details. You card details are protected, as when you click the "Payment & Checkout" button you will be redirected to a secure page hosted by ANZ eGate site to enter your card details and process your payment.

All prices unless otherwise stated in Australian Dollars inclusive of GST.

Prices of products on our website are current at the time of receipt of payment confirmation.


Unless specified, all online promotions exclude shipping charges. The online price is independent of any promotions or offers available through NOVO stores or other outlets. Novo shoes reserves the right to vary prices or alter the product range without notice.